[ Surgical Steel ] Drawing Pendant Necklace

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⊹ D e t a i l s
Surgical Steel 
When ordering, please leave a message with the phrase and font style that you want to engrave the laser on the pendant.

If you do not select an option, it is make in the basic style.

If you want to engrave your own picture on the pendant, please send the original picture by email.
Our illustration designer will draw your picture in a new form suitable for laser engrave.

If the resolution of the picture is low, it may be difficult to draw and impossible to engrave the laser.

Also, If you want to engrave the laser on the back of the pendant, please write down the message and font style you want and make sure to write 'back engraving'.


Dimension :   18 X 20  mm
material : Surgical Steel 316L / Stainless steel

They are made from solid surgical steel so will not chip or tarnish.
Hypoallergenic metal and tarnish free.


▶▶NOTE - 
All items are hand-casted, it may result in items can be slightly different each time we produce them. It does not mean they are defected.
Monitor variations will result in slight color variation from the original.


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